Baccarat Betting: How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat Betting How to Play Baccarat

Online gambling continues to gain momentum, with more people getting enticed to register on any online casino in Malaysia and conduct their gambling activities or start their betting journey. Online casino operators have not only put digital variations of casino games on their platforms, but they have also begun offering an even more exciting gaming experience to their customers online. They have provided them an option to play in live casino Singapore even in the comforts of their homes.

Apart from blackjack, roulette, poker, sic bo, and slots, baccarat is also a casino card game that many gamblers – seasonal and beginners alike – look forward to playing. It has a relatively simple gameplay and low house edge – which means players can easily follow the game and have a greater chance of making a profit from it.

Nevertheless, before playing baccarat, gamblers still have to learn in-depth the rules and bet types to ensure the best baccarat betting experience.

As mentioned earlier, different variations of baccarat are offered in many casinos. Such include the classic version of baccarat (Punto Banco), Chemin de Fer, Mini Baccarat, Baccarat Banque. But all these have the same objectives, rules, and gameplay.

How Does Baccarat Betting Work?

The objective of the baccarat game is to guess who has the better hand between the players and the banker. This means players have to determine whose hand counts close to nine.

The game’s play is fairly simple: players have to place a bet on the player, the banker, or whether both the player’s and the banker’s hands will have the same total. After the placing of bets, the banker will then deal a two-card hand to each player and to themselves. Then, the banker will gesture for the first player to take their turn. In this process, the banker is the last one to take their turn.

Accordingly, in the gameplay, gamblers have to follow certain rules. For instance, when calculating the two-card hand given to them, they have to consider the value of each card.
• Face and 10’s cards count as zero
• Numerical cards (2 to 9) are counted at face value
• Ace cards count as one

And when adding the cards together, their total must not be higher than nine. Hence, if they have a total of 10 or higher, they have to drop the first digit or subtract 10 to calculate the actual value of their cards.

Moreover, the players and the banker have specific rules to follow when they decide to stand or draw a card during their turn. In these rules, they have to refer to a guide that details at which value of their hand they need to stand or draw a card.

Here is an infographic from 88ProAsia, which provides more details on how to play baccarat.