Biggest Sports Upset in History

Biggest Sports Upset in History

Watching sports is a thrilling experience because many things can happen in a match or a league. Many people will accept that the favorites always win. However, true sports fans will want their team to win. Often, it is exciting to bet on the underdogs winning, as something unexpected will happen, and those who placed wagers on a sportsbook could win big because of sg pools odds.

The 2015/16 English Premier League win by Leicester City was one of the most significant upsets in sports history. It also led to some of the essential future bet wins. More upsets have occurred in sports history than in Leicester City. These upsets should convince bettors to not just place bets on their favorites every time.

In addition, the most significant heavyweight boxing upset was when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson in 1990. Mike Tyson, the undisputed heavyweight champion of world boxing, fought Buster Douglas in 1990. He was the underdog with odds 42/1 and 43.00 in -SG odds.

Buster Douglas was meant to be a warm-up for Tyson’s match against Evander Holyfield. But Tyson was shocked and defeated. The outcome was so surprising that HBO analysts predicted that the fight would end in 90 seconds. However, Tyson won with a knockout blow during the tenth round.

Furthermore, Emma Raducanu (18 years old) has already made a name for herself at Wimbledon 2021, but that’s not enough to make her a favorite at the US Open. Although her odds of winning were 400/1 and 400.00, she won the US Open.

Raducanu was 150th in the world before the 2021 US Open. She won the PS2 Million prize money after defeating every opponent. She also became the first participant to win the slam on her second attempt. The previous record was held by Monica Seles and Bianca Andreescu, who won a hit on their fourth attempt. Raducanu’s victory at the 2021 US Open was not only one of tennis’s greatest upsets but also the most significant in all women’s sports. These upsets are just a few instances where underdogs have caused massive disturbances that have changed Singapore pools betting odds and made bettors wealthy.

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Biggest Sports Upsets in History